Polymer Golpayegan

PVC-u Pipes & Fitting Manufacturer

Innovation & Investment

We in PG always bring new products and idea to market in direct response to our customers needs. We keep looking to the market and where and how the products are used, acting on what our customers tell us and adding value through process innovation and strong manufacturing investment.

For example in our R&D we have achieved the best way of the installation of the drainage system in building. we found out when in connecting of the items in a drainage network by rubber ring or solvent cement completely there would be some damages to the network due to performance of the building specially when the whole or part of network is covered with building material, so to overcome the problem we introduced PUSH-SOL which is a combination of rubber ring and solvent cement .In PUSH -SOL we recommend to connect the items in short horizontal network and also where it pass through building material using glue and in vertical network rubber ring connection would be best way.

Easy clip that is designed and manufactured by PG is the recent innovation of our R&D which can be used in rubber ring or solvent cement with other advantages.

Quality & Q.C

In PG, quality of product is our main concern so we guarantee the products comply with all the relevant standard. in our quality We pride ourselves on offering quality, branded products and have invested significantly in our quality control and material processing capabilities.

Research and Development

Polymer Golpayegan has launched R&D section boasts unrivalled research and development facilities allowing us to lead the way with new sustainable materials, processes and products. In-house certification testing means a shorter time to market.